Frequently Asked Questions

Is full insurance included?

The insurance included covers the whole cost of possible damages, if our client is not responsible for the damages. Otherwise, there is a release of 400 Euro. That means that if the cost of the damage is up to 400 euro, the client pays the whole amount, but if the cost is more the client pays only 400.

Is there an insurance that covers also possible client's fault?

Yes, there is collision damage waiver that costs 10 Euro per day.

What kind of official documents do I need to have with me in order to be able to rent a car?

The only document you need is your driving license of B category. But you must have got it at least for one year. Additionally, you have to be older than 21 year old.

What about the fuel and the kilometres?

Kilometres are free, which means that there are no extra costs depended on that. All of our cars use gasoline and the customer is obligated to return the fuel tank at the same level as given.

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